What’s Wrong With This Picture?

When Bryden and Louise McKinnie came home to find a parcel ‘hidden under the doormat’, this might have come as a bit of a surprise. In this case, we can probably give the courier the benefit of the doubt and assume it was a joke, but it’s amazing the lack of common sense you find in some same day couriers.

You hear of deliveries being 'attempted' without the driver even bothering to ring the doorbell; fragile goods being chucked over the garden gate; or packages not even turning up at all. Just the other day, I came home to one of those 'Sorry we missed you' cards from another courier company. The card said my parcel was with a neighbour, so off I went next door. I had a nice chat with my neighbour but no, the parcel wasn't there. I tried my neighbour on the other side. No luck there either. By the time I'd checked with next-door-but-one on both sides, I was really confused. Where on earth was it? I decided to check at the local delivery office, just in case. Lo and behold, there was my parcel. It turned out the courier had ticked the wrong box on the card!

It's very frustrating when a courier shows that kind of slapdash service because it reflects badly on the whole industry. A customer should be able to hire a same day courier - any courier - and not worry about whether their package is actually going to make it to its destination! Unfortunately there's not much we can do about the professional standards of other courier companies, but we absolutely can pledge that Rock Solid Deliveries will get the job done properly. Our same day couriers won't say your package is 'delivered' until it's in the hands of the person it's addressed to - especially if it's a particularly important or valuable delivery. And when it's done, you'll always receive a proof of delivery, by email or text message, so you can be sure your package has got to where it needed to be.

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