When does hiring a same day courier make sense?

To many of us, hiring a same day courier to deliver your parcels may seem like an unnecessary luxury. After all, this is a personalised service that involves paying for a dedicated vehicle to transport your goods. However, there are many situations that may call for the help of a same-day delivery service, and it’s actually more common than you might think! In the blog post below, we will discuss when hiring a same day courier to transport your good makes the most sense.

To meet a delivery deadline

If your items need to be delivered by a set date or time, the only way to ensure prompt delivery is by hiring a same day courier service to transport your goods. Not all next day parcel services will manage to delivery your items in a timeframe that suits your deadline, but our dedicated same day couriers will go above and beyond to get your parcel where it needs to be quickly and efficiently.

To transport fragile items

Transporting your fragile goods is always a risk, but your valuables are much more likely to suffer breaks when using a normal courier. Unfortunately, no amount of ‘fragile’ tape will be able to reduce the risk of your parcel making it safely through transit, especially when it’s transported alongside countless other parcels in the same vehicle.

Hiring a reliable same day courier that specialises in personalised fragile courier services is the perfect way to ensure that your valuables reach you safely, reducing the risks of them being damaged while on the road.

In case of emergency

If you’re at the airport and find you’ve forgotten your passport or your boarding pass, a trusted same day courier may be able to provide the perfect solution. Picking up your forgotten items to deliver them to you at a moment’s notice, our team are always on hand to help. Our emergency couriers at Rock Solid Deliveries also provide GPS tracking, so you can be sure that your important items are on the way.

To learn more about the same day courier services that Rock Solid Deliveries provide, click the link or get in touch today.

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