Which skills closely relate to each other for courier workers?

Every job has and requires a different skill set. When it comes to many jobs, some people join possessing the skills, but many learn and develop those skills whilst on the job. Couriers and delivery drivers have their own unique set of skills and requirements, but many of these are closely related and complement each other. Which are they and why? Find out by reading our latest article.

Working under pressure

The ability to work under pressure is a requirement for a lot of jobs, however as a courier it is very important. Multiple parcels have to be delivered each day and when you are against the clock, this can get stressful. If you are a same day courier, there is an even shorter time window to complete your delivery. Knowing how you operate and work best in these conditions can really help develop your time and working under deadline skills.

Results orientated

Simply, when you have dropped your parcel off to a customer safely and securely, this completes the specific job, and it is an individual result. Couriers have multiple instances of this every day. Sometimes situations or events can occur, meaning that results are difficult to achieve. When you are a courier, you will always be pushed by the thought that the only result that matters is the happy customer who has received their parcel, and this makes working under pressure more satisfying.

Drive (in more than one sense)

As a courier, you will be on the road more than the average worker who merely commutes. This gives you a chance to experience different types or roads, weathers and working conditions, allowing you to improve your driving skills.

As a courier you will also pick up drive as a personal quality and this is also closely related to results orientation. All couriers are highly motivated people, who take great pride in customer service. Couriers are also self-disciplined, focusing on their own way they can meet and exceed targets. Generally speaking, if you have drive, you are more likely to achieve great results.

Customer service

People ‘people’ make good couriers. To any business that involves engaging or working with the public, customer service is one of the most important skills that could exist. Many employers need customer service before accepting you onto the job (though no one ever stops learning, and more can be learnt about good ways to handle customers in the work place all the time.) Whilst a couriers main goal is to ensure the parcel is delivered, the way that is conducted is also critical. Just as you wouldn’t want an unempathetic doctor or nurse (even if they were an expert in the field,) so you also wouldn’t want an unfriendly courier. Think also, that couriers who have drive and are results orientated, tend to want the best for their customers and are therefore likely to be better at customer service.

Time management

Closely related to working under pressure and results, comes the skill of time management. As a courier, there is only so many hours in the day and every delivery needs to be achieved. Managing time accordingly can be a real advantage in ensuring this is done. This is often achieved by having mini targets throughout the day, and regularly checking to see if the schedule is still being maintained. If someone can manage time well and be driven to do that, they are more likely to achieve results.

You will see by now that these 5 skills are very closely related, and all complement each other. No skill exists in isolation from something else. They all relate to each other because they paint a picture of someone being disciplined, organised and efficient. This is precisely what every courier should strive to be.

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