Why is product packaging so important?

Packaging it everywhere no matter what you are buying, but have you ever stopped to wonder what purpose it is really serving and why it is there? We would guess you know the obvious answer to this, but are perhaps unaware of some of the clever other reasons why packaging exists. As a delivery company and same day courier, we see and deal with packaging all the time – whether that is an outside of a box, or inner cushioning and so we know all of these reasons well.


*Packaging is there to protect the product. That is hardly a shock and is no surprise. If you have purchased something online or it is being shipped from one location to another appropriate packaging is vital to ensure the product does not get damaged and stops in the best condition when being transported by the courier or delivery company.

Not so obvious

*Packaging is also designed as a safety feature and to provide a canvass for vital information. This can include the basics such as the name and address of the sender / receiver, to what is in the parcel and whether these are hazardous or dangerous goods. In the case of the latter, the packaging is likely to be robust and structured in such a way that it can safeguard against problems associated. If the item is food or drink related, then manufacturing dates and use by dates are important information that needs to be placed on the packaging and therefore the packaging can soon become an inventory of goods.

*Packaging is also all about promoting the item and so serves a useful purpose of advertising. Ever wondered why shopping bags have the stores name on them? You are providing a great marketing tool for them. Packaging works in a similar way. Original and unique packaging can stand out from competitors and can be one way the business is likely to be remembered. It stands to reason, if you open a parcel and there is some fancy logo branded packaging inside it (or even on the outside,) you are far more likely to remember this than someone who uses only plain. The clever thing about psychology is you are therefore likely to use that company again – assuming all else is fine with your transaction.

*Packaging can say a lot about your ambition to sustainability. Don’t you just hate it when you order the smallest of things which turn up in the biggest boxes you could possibly imagine? 21st century is all about the environment and recognising our contribution towards it. Those that use packaging responsibly, aswell as those who use quality recycled and biodegradable materials are likely to gain some of the best benefits when it comes to customer satisfaction.

*Packaging is all about the usability Customers are looking for packaging that is designed simply, yet it can withstand the ‘rough and tumble’ of being transported and handled, aswell as being easy to open but not so easy that it all falls apart with a mere touch. When it is finished with, people want to be able to dismantle it with ease, potentially reusing it or recycling it if possible. All these factors need to be considered when suitable packaging is being developed.

Who would have thought that there was so much more to packaging than simply protecting the product?

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