Why Your Company Needs A Business Courier

For a business, a same day courier can be a lifeline when you have an urgent delivery. A good one will take good care of both your package and your company’s reputation. But here are a few things you should know before you pick up the phone:

Why would a business need a same day courier?

You may think the answer to the above question is obvious, but same day couriers can be useful for many different situations and circumstances – far beyond the obvious which many people associate with this type of role. As one of Birmingham’s leading same day couriers, who offer a nationwide, expert and dedicated service in this field, we will take a closer look at when and why a business would want to consider using this.

Rapid service (This is the obvious bit!)

It will come as no surprise to learn that same day services are quick, which means that they can leave their origin and arrive at their destination on the same day. For a business where time is money, or reputation is ultimate value, this can mean the difference between a good or bad experience for your customers. Offering a same day service (as opposed to a next day service or even later,) can also place you at a competitive advantage because it is not something everyone can achieve, and getting goods delivered on the same day can go a long way in impressing your client base

Increase in satisfaction

Whilst we have touched on this above, there is no denying that customer satisfaction from a same day service is one of the most important factors, and as such, this is worthy of a mention in it’s own right. Today everything is about speed, and this is especially important for anyone with a business or e-commerce facility. If your customers begin to associate you with getting documents, parcels or goods fast, your reputation will take a positive increase and this is exactly what you need to expand and grow. Companies like ours are in a perfect place to be able to help with this.

Round the clock delivery

As there is a certain limited window that same day couriers can operate within to be able to meet this requirement, many same day suppliers work 24/7. If you live at one end of the country and need a same day item delivered to the opposite end of the country, this will obviously take time, and it can mean travelling around the clock to achieve it. As a business we understand that work never stops, and that your business will be exactly the same. Knowing your business needs can still be fulfilled outside of 9-5 is another reason why you would need a same day courier.

Dedicated service

Since a same day courier is a time limited, this means there is no time to be handling other people’s job requests. This means you will get a sole and dedicated service from the minute it is picked up, until it is dropped off at the destination. This can be an attractive feature for many businesses, because it gives peace of mind that a limited number of external employees will be handling the items at any time.


As a business you need to be able to follow your goods, to check whether they are going to make the same day time schedule. This also has a double element of providing full traceability and accountability, which gives added peace of mind, and is something that people expect from couriers today as a bear minimum.


With over 25 years’ experience of the courier industry, we have the know-how to make sure your package is delivered quickly, safely and efficiently. Whatever special handling your package needs, we have the right vehicle for the job.

Wide delivery range

Our delivery network covers the whole UK. So wherever you are, we have couriers who know your neighbourhood. And we will deliver from there to anywhere in Europe.

Dedicated driver

Your courier will ensure your package receives the optimum treatment. He (or she) will never make detours for other deliveries or carry other packages in the same vehicle.

Fair prices

We know your budget is tight, so we do all we can to keep costs to a minimum, without compromising on service. And, as a business customer, you can take advantage of even lower rates.

How Could A Same Day Courier Make Your Business More Efficient?

Running a business is never easy. You’re constantly under all sorts of pressure: pressure to meet deadlines, meet budgets, meet your customers’ expectations, even to meet your employees’ career goals. We know because we’re running a business too! Anything you can do to make your business more efficient will lift some of that pressure. And that’s where a same day courier can help. We’re experts at delivering goods to exactly where they need to be, on the same day and for minimal costs – so we can make your business more efficient in three particular ways.

A same day courier will save you money. Because of our in-depth knowledge of the courier industry, we know the most cost-effective way to get the job done.

We can save you time. One of your staff might be able to arrange a delivery, but we can get it picked up and delivered more quickly, and we can arrange it all in a fraction of the time. So let us take care of the delivery while you focus on what’s really important to you.

We can save you stress. Instead of scratching around trying to organise delivery logistics, your people can focus on their real strengths, saving you and them a lot of unnecessary stress.

As a trusted and well-established company, we are able to tell you some of the fundamental qualities that should be front and centre of any business that offers same day services.

Good Insurance

All businesses should have corporate insurance for instances when things go wrong or circumstances out of control present. At Rock Solid Deliveries we are proud and strive to deliver our items hassle free and in the same quality as they were sent. For those very very small amounts of occasions when something unforeseen happens, you want to know you are covered by insurance. Being covered is one thing, being adequately covered is another! Rock Solid Deliveries have a generous insurance coverage to ensure anything valuable remains valuable.

Honest and reliable availability

Customers dislike nothing more than companies who are not reliable, or say one thing and do another. As same day couriers we believe this is one area of business where this really can’t afford to happen. We do what we say and honour our promises. We have wide ranges of availability designed to suit everyone when in need.

Job specific dedication

Do you know of many other courier companies that will be dedicated to solely delivering your parcel and not having drop-offs and de-tours along the way? We stop with your parcel from A to B with no C in the middle! Your parcel and order take priority simply because it will be the only one dedicated to that driver at that particular time.

Modern technology

Fundamental to the operation of any same day courier business is their investment in and use of technology to track and trace items. With us, your items will be able to be followed at any time whilst receipt and notification of delivery will be available immediately after.

Advantages of using a smaller based courier company

Consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a courier company for their requirements. Courier companies come in a variety of sizes from smaller and family associated businesses, through to the large-scale ones that many have heard of. Whilst all couriers offer delivery services and strive to achieve the same thing, have you ever thought about the difference and advantage that smaller companies could have to you as a consumer? This article will consider these points in further detail.

Rock Solid Deliveries is a courier company that offers a whole range of services, including our core offering which is same day delivery services. As a smaller (but by no means small) business, we like to think we offer a competitive advantage to business and custom than you may not get with some of our larger rivals. Here is why we think that ourselves and other smaller based services may be better for the consumer:

1) Ability to offer a personal service

Smaller couriers tend to have smaller volumes of business compared to large companies than run on a batch / production line type system. This often means that small companies have the time and capacity to get to know you and your requirements better. Many appreciate this ‘personal touch’ and it can really help make a customer and their business feel valued.

2) Business is more appreciated

All companies appreciate your business – at least they should! Larger companies can theoretically get business from anywhere because they know their brand is popular and associated with their industry. Smaller businesses have to work harder and need to keep up their efforts in order to achieve a good reputation and keep repeat custom. In this, smaller couriers are much more likely to appreciate your business and give a highly efficient service.

3) Greater flexibility

Larger courier companies tend to have rigid, set and often complicated procedures and practices to follow – a bit like cogs in a machine. The problem comes when something bespoke or outside of the ordinary is required. Larger couriers can often struggle with this because bespoke requirements get lost in their system. Smaller courier companies have a greater degree of flexibility as the tend to operate by their own rules, being flexible to changes and requests as they occur.

4) Better relationships with staff

Larger courier companies have abundant staff and this can make it difficult to manage and support employees. The health and wellbeing of employees is very important and this often impacts the customer by way of quality and standard of service offered. Smaller courier companies are much better placed to ‘care’ for their employees because they often have much less staff to cater for. A more personal and tight-knit relationship between employer/employee is much more achievable, which boosts morale and impacts positively on the business and consumer.

5) Easier to contact

Smaller couriers don’t have long ‘press 1 for this 2 for that’ phone systems, often resulting in long queues. There is nothing worse than needing to speak to someone and having to wait for 10 minutes or even an hour. Smaller couriers don’t have the large volume of customer service requirements to deal with, meaning phone calls, messages or emails are dealt with much quicker.

6) Reliability is greater

Larger courier companies have a sheer volume of work. The parcels they cater for and turnaround can be mind numbing. Catering for all these parcels means that sometimes problems can occur, items go astray or delivery times not met. With a smaller courier company this is less likely to be an issue, because the service is more personal and dedicated. They are often overseeing far less parcels, meaning that tracking is far more effective.

Want to find out more on why Rock Solid Deliveries is one of the best courier services around? Judge us by reading our company values page.

Next time your business needs something delivering within 24 hours, why not contact us? We have drivers that deliver nationwide! You can find out more information by visiting our same day courier service page. We all need a little help, every now and then. However well organised your company might be, a good business courier can be a real benefit to you

With 25 years’ experience in the courier industry, Rock Solid Deliveries are experts in the field and always on hand when you need us. Whenever a delivery emergency comes up, we’ll take the stress out of the situation, giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your goods – and your reputation – are in safe hands.

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