Will drone delivery ever take off?

Many of you will have probably heard about increasing scientific and technology developments in the parcel and deliveries industry, culminating most vividly in the steps to introduce and make drone delivery a common site and practice. Many of you will be wondering how this could possibly work and whether it will latch on? Would drones be able to work as reliable same day couriers or deliver fragile items? In our latest blog post we seek to take a bit of a closer look into this.

Most of these (what seem like) far-fetched concepts start out in America and this is no exception. One massive shopping company has decided to take steps to deliver parcels to people as part of an experiment to find out how viable and useful this could be. It has been reported that these drones will be able to deliver parcels up to 15 miles away, to those boxes which weigh around 2kg or less.

The drone machine is said to be highly robotic and technological, comprising of a number of rotas and the ability to ‘see’ completely what is around it, thanks to a range of highly technical sensors which transmit data.

The advantages of drone delivery are thought to be many and will benefit both business and consumer alike. Delivery from a drone is thought to be cheap and works out a matter of cents or pence according to some experts. The obvious other advantage is speed. Customers can receive their items or parcels quicker, allowing the business to increase profit by churning out more orders.

The problem lies however in consumer attitude. It is inevitable that this will go live at some point and we will see things trialled in many countries, but will it ever take off? Delivering parcels from a big shopping company with ample resources is a world apart from businesses or ordinary citizens who send and receive parcels as part of the normal course of life or operation. Would they be happy doing this, or still rather entrust a person to ensure their goods arrive safely? What about fragile items or items that need to be delivered the same day or across long distances? Many problems and pitfalls can already be envisaged, and it wouldn’t be hard to believe that not everyone would be comfortable.

Like most new inventions, there seems that many adjustments will need to be made along the way and it is widely accepted that drone delivery becoming the norm anytime soon is unlikely.

We at Rock Solid Deliveries know how important reliable parcel services and delivery is and whilst you will not see a drone, you’ll meet our skilled and efficient workers who will exceed your expectations instead!


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