Could the delivery industry be thrown into chaos very soon?

We are getting closer to the end of the UK / EU transition period. As at writing in October 2020, no deal has been struck yet between the UK and EU. If this remains the case by December 31st, there will be an effective no deal exit from Europe, and this could have dramatic consequences on every industry in society within as little as a few weeks.

Politics aside, it is only proper and necessary to examine what could happen and how it would affect a wide ranging and closely associated industry like courier or delivery drivers, which can include haulage and logistics aswell.

A document written by governmental departments released in September has shown that there is the possibility of queues centred around Kent containing around 7,000 lorries, while experiencing delays of two days to cross the border between the UK and EU. Not only will this affect the individuals and their companies, it will also have consequences to the goods being transported, aswell as delays and disruption to the eventual end of the supply chain. Sources have described the above as a “reasonable worst-case scenario,” so it is hardly an apocalyptic unlikelihood either.

The success (or not) of the situation, rests on an IT system which will be used to process movement, but this is not due to be tested until November – dangerously close to the wire some are arguing. Others would argue that this day or the possibility of this happening has been a potential reality for some time, and so there should have been plenty of time to prepare for it. It is interesting to note that not only is the preparation an official central government responsibility it is also down to businesses – particularly hauliers and transporters who it is likely to primarily affect. On this there is some good news. Forecasts show that half to three quarters or large-scale businesses will be ready for these changes, but the number is much lower for smaller companies. The uncertainties and diversion of resources which 2020 has generated because of the pandemic has not helped either.

Not having a resolution to this situation would be seriously unpalatable for the courier industry. Although domestic transportation would be largely unaffected, many courier companies, including us at Rock Solid Deliveries, operate European Delivery and Freight services. Not knowing what will happen about something some complex this close to the deadline is not good for us or our customers. All businesses work on the ability to be able to make stable and decisive plans – this is a central part of any business model. It seems ironic then that central government – one of the largest organisations in the country seem to fail to grasp this and leave many people in limbo.

We will be keeping a close eye on the situation and will be the first to inform our customers of any changes that could result in disruption or amendments to any of our European or freight services.

In the meantime, if you are looking for a courier or have a requirement for a same day parcel delivery, speak to our friendly team today to get booked in.

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