Good Service, Good Communication


Richard was excited about the big promotional event he’d been working on. But there was a problem. A box of vital materials was missing. Could Rock Solid Deliveries get the goods from Leeds to London on the same day? The clock was ticking…

After our courier had delivered the box, on time, with no fuss, Richard commented on the ‘good service and communication’ we provided. We were glad to hear him say that, because we pride ourselves on both of those things. We genuinely care about meeting our customers’ needs, so we’ll do everything we possibly can to provide you with excellent service. And we understand that good communication is vital. That’s why we’ll always be available to take your call, at every stage in your delivery. You won’t be kept in the dark. We’ll tell you exactly where your same day courier is, and if there is any kind of unforeseen delay, we’ll tell you that, too.

Rock Solid Deliveries made a difference to Richard’s big event. We can do the same for you, too. Whether it’s a cake, a passport or a life-size model of a rhino, you can trust us to deliver it, anywhere in the UK, on the same day.

Rock Solid Deliveries are same day couriers who care. If you need top-notch service and communication, call us today on 0800 999 8220.

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