How has coronavirus affected the courier industry?

You have probably read many similar posts from other industries, but as couriers it is important that we take a look at some of the wider implications to our industry as a whole.

Rock Solid Deliveries are still operating as normal, (though as everyone and every company should,) we are taking extra steps to ensure we keep our staff and customers safe. We are still available 24 hours a day and able to provide a same day courier service as we always have.

The coronavirus crisis has provided many challenges for the courier industry as it has for nearly every business, but there have been some surprising results too.

It is safe to conclude that the effect of the lockdown has provided one of the biggest obstacles, particularly because this has applied to so many countries across Europe and the world. The effect of lockdowns has meant that there has been little to no deliveries, resulting in major delays for parcels and shipments. All couriers are taking extra safety and security measures as we have already highlighted with ourselves. The crisis has caused a disruption to supply chains and stock levels which is in turn having a knock-on effect in the courier industry also. People’s spending power and potential has also reduced, as more of the population generally become more conscious and cautious of what they spending.

However, it has not been all bad news across the industry. Despite a fall in people spending, with the amount stuck at home and many shops closed, a lot of people are turning to online stores to have items delivered. This is in turn providing a healthy bolster to the courier industry. We know from the news and media that there have been certain critically in-demand items recently, such as hand sanitisers and other medical or toiletry related products. This too has provided a lifeline for some courier companies. Research has found that some organisations have had to diversify and temporary move away from their traditional areas of logistical delivery and instead turn to where greater demand lies – in such examples as some of these things discussed here.

Eventually life will return to normal and businesses will restart and go back to work. The courier industry can look forward to a slow uptick in demand over the coming weeks and month. Despite peoples spending power reduced and businesses remaining hesitant, there is a sense of feeling of a period of catching up to do with backdated orders and a possible surge in demand which has largely been kicked down the road thus far. All these factors can lead to a bigger and greater demand for parcel and delivery couriers in the short to medium term.

Whilst it may have been difficult and especially so for some companies, the courier industry has not been hit as hard as some and there is hope and optimism that good times will soon return.

If you have a parcel or delivery to make and are worried about the implications of the current situation, then talk to us and let Rock Solid Deliveries take care of your requirements. To find out more, contact us for an instant estimate now.





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