What problems does drone delivery face?

If you are a regular viewer of our blogs, you would have remembered reading a post last month about whether drone delivery will ever catch on and become established as a viable delivery method. With this still fresh in mind, we have decided to expand the topic a little further and consider what some of the problems might be.

Like with any new inventions or methods of service, there will always be teething problems, however it has been widely commentated that the following could be some of the most common pitfalls.

  • The actual drop itself

It is all well and good drones be able to fly miles, but it the very last seconds (i.e. the actual delivery drop) that is the most important. This will often rely on different variables such as weather and terrain – some of which being out of the sender / owners control.

  • Legal implications

Any successful drone operations need to conform to strict legal standards. How would low flying drones close to an airport work in practice from a legal angle for example? What about the legal position on residents or homeowners on noise nuisance, or the event that one of these drones might malfunction and cause damage to person or property? The legal position is very unclear and will need a lot of work.

  • Safety and moral considerations

Although this relates to the point above, it is also a stand-alone argument. What type of safeguards will delivery drone manufacturers and owners be able to build into their devices to guarantee safety? It is not just about property or people either. What about our pets or animals? What about some people being uncomfortable at the idea of drones passing close by, thinking and taking action in the belief that there is some ulterior motive. This has already been experienced with worried people destroying the drones as a result.

  • The economic results

The simple conclusion is that drone delivery will only ever work if it is commercially viable and cost effective to do so. This has to be weighed against what exists currently and the costs involved in this. Would drone deliveries be cheaper than using lorries or sending parcels through the post or other couriers? With drone delivery being a highly technical and scientific endeavour, the answer to this isn’t clear and it would seem to currently be a financial risk.

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