The most unsecure part of a parcel delivery

A courier providing a parcel delivery service is a chain of process – especially for a company like us who specialise in same day delivery. Each part is a ‘cog in the wheel’ starting from the sender handing over the item, to the receiver being in safe custody of it. The problem is that more and more people are finding that their parcels are not eventually ending up in their safe custody. Parcel theft is on the rise. This article will look at this problem in a little more detail.

We all know that the rise of online sales and shopping has increased. This has been particularly evident this year because of the pandemic. The result of this is an obvious rise in parcels being delivered to more houses, and so the emergence of parcel crime. There is nothing more convenient for the online shopper – the ability to order 24 hours a day, whilst a parcel is delivered straight to your door, often without you even needing to be there. This has however created unintended opportunities for some people.

The theft of parcels is a problem for all. Not only is it inconvenient and frustrating for the consumer, it also has implications for the delivery companies who transport these items, in addition to the retailers who dispense them. Who is ultimately responsible in these situations? Is there a right to replacement or refunds if you are a victim of this activity?

A study has investigated the problem of parcel theft and has come up with some interesting statistics based on a sampled survey:

*  Nearly a quarter of people had been victims of parcel theft.

* This number rises to nearly a half – of people who know someone who has had their parcels stolen.

* The problem is greater in urban rather than rural areas.

* Most parcels are stolen during daylight hours.

* In nearly all cases, stolen parcels were visible from the road. This proves how important safe places and concealment is. (Our previous blog post might prove useful reading on this.)

* Surprisingly, medium sized parcels were stolen more often than smaller parcels. The greater value of bigger parcels is likely to be the attraction here.


Both consumers and delivery companies are responding to the rise in parcel theft, by taking mitigating actions to try and fight back.

In terms of customers, the increase in extra security outside the home, including CCTV cameras is acting as a deterrent. The rise of the camera operated doorbell is also playing a significant part.

For couriers, extra steps are being taken to ensure the parcel ends up with who it is supposed to. This includes practices such as delivery notifications or delivery to supermarkets or storage lockers where items can be picked up securely by the customer.

Rock Solid Deliveries ensures that all our customers parcels are tracked safely and securely from start to finish. There is delivery confirmation available once the parcel has arrived, and we will always ensure it is handed to someone who can be responsible for it.

Where there is an opportunity, people will always look to exploit it. Thankfully, there is always ways around it with a little planning and thought.

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