Why does the size of your parcel matter?

When it comes to sending an item through a courier or the postal system, the emphasis is on size and weight. You need to be aware of these considerations long before you get to the point where you are sending your items, because it can have an impact on the cost and sometimes, the method of transport. In our latest blog post we’ll look at why the size of your parcels really do matter when sending items and how we operate a different policy

The process of sending a parcel and working out what you will pay can be difficult. Some have likened it to needing a maths degree when trying to compare different carriers on a like for like basis.. Rock Solid Deliveries as same day couriers are aware of this and want to help explain not only what exactly happens with most other carriers but also to show how we work differently.

Most courier companies
The confusion (and resolution) is down to the formula or system that is used by many companies when calculating shipping costs. This considers:

*The actual weight
*The volumetric weight

The actual weight element needs no explanation. In general, heavier items will cost more to send that lighter items.

The volumetric weight
Most couriers or shipping agents have limited space in their modes of transport. The idea is to try and fill as many parcels as possible at once time, so it makes good commercial sense. The idea of volumetric weight is what the parcel would weigh if it were full – even though in many cases you probably aren’t sending the box in its full state. This works in a couriers advantage because it means they are unlikely to miss out on opportunities of higher value parcels because their overall space is restricted. This equation takes into account the overall size of the individual box or parcel within that.

Knowing this little insight can really help if you are planning to send items because it will allow you to compare and contrast prices much more easily.

Our courier company
Unlike a lot of other courier companies your parcel will be the only one in our van, so the requirement to get as many parcels into the van for more commercial sense simply won’t apply. We feel that this helps tailor a better service to you aswell as allowing us to focus solely on your project. Our small vans can handle parcels up to about 500kg, while larger vans have the capacity to stretch to 1,000kg. In short, as long as the item fits on the van securely and the doors can close, your parcel can be carried without ever having to worry about the need for volumetric weight and the overall dimensions of the box.

This is what sets our business operation apart and allows for a much more straight-forward service.

Looking to send your parcel with a reliable company or have an urgent need for a same day courier? Let us know the weight of your parcel for a competitive price and top-quality service.

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