A 2022 review by Adrian Critchley

As we approach Christmas and the end of another year, take a look at the thoughts of Adrian Critchley, managing director of Rock Solid Deliveries, as he looks back at the year and considers what 2023 could bring.

“2022 was finally the year that we went back to something resembling normality as far as COVID is concerned. Whilst it hasn’t gone away (even now,) the economy is back open, things are moving, and we seem in a different world compared to where we were just a year or so ago. If 2022 brought the end of one problem, it certainly opened up a whole lot more with the Russian war in Ukraine. Many people still find it hard to believe that something like this could be happening in Europe and our own back yards. The news has been hard to watch since February, with the constant devastation and impact on the people of Ukraine. As we go into 2023, our only hope is that a resolution can be found as quick as possible, to avoid any more suffering for those brave Ukrainian people.

The war in Ukraine has brought impacts far beyond those shores – in fact, there has been a knock-on effect right around the world. This is something we have all noticed, whether it be the price of food, petrol, gas, electricity, inflation, or the so-called ‘cost of living crisis’ which will probably be one of the most coined phrases of 2022. The war has affected us all, even if not directly. Life has become a struggle for many people, and that seems to become more pronounced as we go into the winter months, and what many people generally regard as the most difficult months of the year anyway. Not only has life become a struggle for individuals it has for many businesses also. Individuals have generally had some safety nets from the government (whether that be the price cap on gas or cost of living help.) The difficult thing for businesses is that non of these schemes apply, which has meant that managing has become harder. In these circumstances businesses face two options – neither of which are a great position to find themselves in. Companies have either had to pass costs onto customers or go bust and close completely. Everyone has done the former, and sadly, many have done the latter. This puts people into unemployment, makes choices for consumers less, and risks destabilising an already fragile economy even more.

Courier and same day courier businesses have been no exception to the economic problems. We only saw a recent report just a few weeks ago highlighting how low cash reserves were in many courier businesses, and the huge problems the implications of this could cause.

As we head towards Christmas and those traditionally bleak winter months, things will be hard – there is no getting away from it. There is however a well known phrase to keep in mind…‘however long the night, the day will dawn.’ 2023 does have the potential to be different – the war in its final stages (if not ended,) inflation settling down, prices stabilising and demand picking up. The next few months are like a storm we will all have to weather (whether in business or personal circumstances,) in the sure and certain hope that spring will eventually come and we can all look forward to better times.

Whatever you are doing, on behalf of myself and all the staff at Rock Solid Deliveries, we wish you a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year. Here’s to a positive and brighter 2023!”

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