Common myths about courier companies

Like with any business, there are always a selection of myths doing the rounds which can lead people to become confused and lacking in confidence. Courier companies have their own share of myths surrounding the industry. Therefore, in our latest article, we’ll take a closer look at what some of these myths are and provide you with the actual reality, which will help better inform your knowledge.

Couriers struggle with directions and get lost easily

Whilst this may have been a problem some years ago when good old A to Z maps were required, this has become less of an issue as technology has developed, largely thanks to Satellite Navigation. These devices not only give step by step directions, but can often direct couriers to better routes, (to avoid accidents or heavy traffic for example,) making the delivery more efficient for the customer.

Rock Solid Deliveries invests in the latest Sat Nav technology, ensuring all our deliveries go direct from ‘A’ to ‘B’ without an unscheduled ‘C.’

You are better off delivering yourself rather than hiring a courier

Many couriers have a wealth of experience at handling parcels and items. This expertise makes them perfect for carrying out the job. Many couriers exist as businesses, meaning they have access to a range of staff, different sizes and type of van, aswell as the dedication to drive distances and at peak times. When comparing this to delivering a parcel yourself, there are a lot of factors to consider and take into account, and this can prove more expensive aswell as more hassle. It is a common myth that it is better to deliver yourself rather than use a courier, but many people actually find the opposite.

Couriers are expensive

Yes, some are, but some restaurants are (this doesn’t mean they all are, or you can’t find value for money.) The key here is to do what you would normally do in life – shop around. It is also worth remembering that the courier industry is vast with many businesses. This is beneficial to the customer because they are all pitching for your custom. Therefore, couriers have to charge reasonable and fair rates, or they know they will not get your business as someone else will easily be able to offer the service cheaper.

Rock Solid Deliveries offer competitive and fair rates. because we know how important this is to attracting and keeping business, and not taking customers for granted.

Couriers are unreliable

Everyone has probably heard a bad story about a courier, whether this was because they delivered a parcel late, delivered it to the wrong address (or worst of all) didn’t deliver the parcel at all. Consider this, we generally only hear about bad stories because it is something to report, that doesn’t mean that ‘good things’ aren’t happening all the time.

Rock Solid Deliveries prides itself in its honest, reliable and dedicated approach to business and customers. This is why we have many repeat customers, aswell as [excellent reviews.] One by one, we are trying to change this assumption about couriers.

Couriers only deliver ‘standard’ parcels.

This actually couldn’t be further from the truth. Many couriers specialise and expand their range of offering to include bespoke services such as same day delivery. As an industry with fierce competition, it is important that couriers offer more services than just your average catalogue delivery. We at Rock Solid Deliveries offer a whole range of services including medical delivery, fine art or same day couriers for example. We have also transported many unusual and unique items, so our range of offering goes far beyond what you might expect.

Couriers don’t care

This is definitely not true. We care deeply about giving the best possible service and making sure our customers are satisfied. Check out our customer reviews and you’ll see the difference that makes.

Yes, there are some bad same day courier companies out there, but for every courier who lets you down, there’s another who’s worth their weight in gold. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and are well and truly the latter of those two statements!

If you’re still not convinced, try us! Call us today on 0800 999 8220 and let us show you that we’re same day couriers with a difference.

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