How does Rock Solid Deliveries offer value for money?

Offering value for money in a service is what nearly everyone is looking for, but why does this matter and why is it important? In our latest article we’ll take a closer look at this concept.

‘Value for money’ has a bad reputation. Too many companies promise ‘value for money’ which is cheap enough, but actually little more than an excuse for poor material, poor workmanship or a long wait for delivery. A same day courier which offers ‘value for money’ can just mean low prices but shoddy service.

On the other hand, people say, ‘You get what you pay for.’ There may be some truth in that. Quality materials and quality service usually cost a little more. But again, unscrupulous companies take advantage of that and charge their customers the earth for ‘premium’ products.

Value for money is a competing interest – on the one hand you have the idea that cheap is no good or doesn’t last, as against things being more expensive with you tending to ‘pay for what you get’ (in other words, being good and does last.) The idea of value for money is it strikes a compromise between those two things, providing goods or a service which is a fair price to the customer or consumer, but which will actually deliver and be satisfying. In reality though, this is not always what people find. Often the cheapest products or services might look good initially based on the price, but soon become the opposite when complaints, hassle or problems are factored in.

The courier industry is one which is rapidly increasing with new companies and organisations starting up regularly. Coupled with this, there is also the fact that any individual can set up their own courier firm or self employed business with relative ease. This means there are plenty of couriers and delivery options to choose from. This feeds into the value for money concept, because all couriers need to offer it. A consumer knows that in the world of industry without monopolies, competitiveness is key, or someone will simply go elsewhere.

Successful businesses are driven by business models and their ability to follow the changing trends and demands. Today there is greater emphasis on value for money, but standards have not dropped, and people still require a high-quality level of service. This can be problematic for a lot of companies, because they just simply can’t offer both. Many companies erroneously believe that high prices lead to greater returns, but this is not usually the case. In economics there is something known as the deadweight loss principle. It is often cited in examples concerning the Government and tax. One would think that putting up the tax rate to a high level would gather more revenue, but is has been shown that the reverse happens, because people will be more willing to find more creative ways and loopholes to get around it. If the tax rate is a little lower (but fairer,) this can bring in more revenue than an ordinary higher rate would. It works the same for businesses in terms of value for money. If your services are too costly, someone will simply just go elsewhere, meaning you will not get as much custom or turnover as you think. Slightly lower (yet more competitive pricing,) can actually attract more business and bring in higher revenue (despite the net price being lower,) thus proving a better option for both customers and the business.

So how does Rock Solid Deliveries offer value for money?

As a leading courier which has been established for many years, we understand the business model of the courier industry and how all the points mentioned above are related. This allows us to be competitive to our customers, whilst still allowing the room for our business to flourish and grow. Coupled with this, we have refined and adapted our service to put the customer at the heart of what we do. From feedback, we know this is what people want of delivery and courier companies. Therefore, we are able to offer high levels of service whether you are looking for a same day courier, or any other of our range of offerings. This is delivered with good value for money & at competitive prices, aswell as not compromising on service quality. This is a real win for all our customers and is what we believe to be the key to our success.

At Rock Solid Deliveries, we believe value for money and good service can go together. We make it a point of principle to offer quick, professional service at affordable prices. We’ll always offer our customers reasonable rates, but we won’t compromise on service to do that. That’s real value for money.

For a same day courier which offers good value for money AND a professional service, get in touch with Rock Solid Deliveries. Call us today on 0800 999 8220 for a no-obligation quote. If you are interested in learning more about our company values then why not have a look at our dedicated our company values page, which will give you much more information.

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