How To Choose The Best Same Day Courier Service For Your Business

The choice can be overwhelming. There are dozens of same day couriers to choose from. So why choose Rock Solid?

Rock Solid Deliveries is a company which has existed for many years and has dedicated experience in the courier industry. Owned by managing director Adrian Critchley, Rock Solid Deliveries is a company you can trust because it is a company which has been built on trust! We have a range of experience in all areas of the courier industry – above and beyond the standard parcel delivery service that you might first associate couriers with. To find out more on the exact types of bespoke services we offer, our courier services page houses them all. Same day couriers is one of our areas of expertise, but we do everything, including up to freight services and all in-between.

If you are reading this now and wondering what makes us one of the best courier companies that exist, here are some things you might like to consider:

*We are proud to say that our reviews say it all. Visit our Trustpilot site where you can find out more details of what customers have said about us, along with giving you an idea of the types of courier services we are experienced in. Rock Solid Deliveries are built on passion for their work. Our reviews and testimonials from previous customers show we always put our clients and work at the centre of everything we do. This ensures that not only do we ‘deliver’ but we exceed expectations with the reward being repeat business which allows the company to expand further.

*Although we are based in Birmingham, West Midlands, we can serve anywhere within the country. How can this be so? We have a dedicated team and large range of employees that are located throughout the country. There is no such thing as ‘out of bounds’ or ‘out of the area’ for our purposes, so if you are reading this, need a courier, but think because you are outside Birmingham it is too far, this is not the case!

*Some of our central services are those which include same day couriers, aswell as emergency couriers. The point about both these services is that tomorrow is too late. Same day needs to arrive same day and emergency means now. We can pick up items in as little as 60 minutes from you calling us and placing your order. Just let us know and we’ll ensure we get there within an hour!

*It helps to know that you are at the heart of the process, therefore Rock Solid Deliveries offer complete tracking from start to finish, with receipted confirmation on delivery. We are also insured to carry your goods, meaning that in the unlikely event that things go wrong you will not be at a loss.

*Your parcel will be assigned to a dedicated driver, meaning it will not be loaded on top or under any other boxes or parcels. We treat each customer and their job as an individual, meaning you can be assured of our full attention and dedication at all times.

*Our reputation is also built on trust. We do the hard work for you, allowing you to relax safe in the knowledge that your parcel will be delivered on time in the exact condition that you would expect it to be. Trust is a very important and central concept to the operation of any business. At Rock Sold Deliveries we value the trust you place in us and certainly don’t take it for granted!

*Rock Solid Deliveries are adaptable and able to cater to individual customer needs. We offer dedicated vehicles to sole or larger company organisations to send your parcels and shipments. This can often be important with time restricted or confidential / sensitive information. We find that many customers with bespoke projects are often pleased at the personal service we can provide.

*Our easy approach and hard-working ethos make us the perfect same day courier company. We strive to ensure that all our work and communication with customers is carried out in a stress and hassle-free way. We can reassure current and potential customers alike that we will ‘go the extra mile’ (quite literally) to deliver your parcels and packages without delays or added and unnecessary frustration.

So you now have a better idea of what makes the best same day courier, but the following question can be, how do you choose one company from another? You’re a professional, so when you’re looking for someone to handle your business logistics, you’ll want a courier who’s equally professional. But with so many same day couriers to choose from, how do you decide which one is best for your business? Here are a few questions to ask yourself when you’re looking at what a courier has to offer:

*Are they quick? Your work matters. So it matters that you meet your deadlines. A good same day courier will have a track record of delivering goods quickly and keeping their promises to their customers.

*Are they helpful? It’s surprising how many couriers are so busy getting the job done that they forget about looking after their clients. If you have a delivery that’s at all complicated, you’ll want to know that your courier is ready to listen to you and respond to your needs. You should get a fairly good idea of the kind of service you can expect, from your first phone call…

*Are they reasonably priced? Same day deliveries aren’t always cheap, but a good courier will give you a competitive price and won’t mind if you shop around. If you call Rock Solid Deliveries, we’ll give you a no-obligation quote, right away. If you want to go ahead and book a courier with us, that’s great. If you’d rather call a couple of other people first, that’s fine with us, too.

*What do their customers say? It probably sounds obvious but check what a courier’s previous customers have to say about them.

If you find a same day courier which ticks all boxes, you’ll be in good hands! We even offer business accounts with preferential payment rates. If you are looking for advice on any aspect of courier services or parcel delivery, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Adrian and the team now. Call us today on 0800 999 8220 and talk to us about how we can best serve your business.

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