How to weatherproof your parcel

The UK is known for its gloriously wide range of weather, from blizzards to heatwaves and everything in-between. Have you ever thought how important and crucial the weather could be when it comes to sending your parcel or package? In this article, we will take a closer look at why.

Rock Solid Deliveries are expert couriers, including offering a same day delivery service. We know how important it is for your parcel to arrive in the exact same quality as when you sent it. In recognition of this, we are aware of how the weather conditions play their part. The most important conditions are those which involve moisture (rain or snow,) extremes of heat and also wind – depending on what you are actually sending.

Firstly, we recommend that you go to basics and consider the packaging. Items like paper and cardboard do not provide highly resistant water qualities. The contents are likely to be damaged quite quickly by even a small shower as the water gets absorbed very easily. In these instances you also need to think about the shape of the parcel and relate that to what is inside. Items which absorb water will change shape and degrade very easily. If you have something valuable or fragile enclosed, this could increase the risk of it getting damaged.

For items which are light in weight, there is always a chance that the wind might have other ideas to take your parcel to destination that you didn’t plan for. Although adding weight to your parcel is likely to cost more, consider adding additional ‘sensible’ weight to make the item a bit heavier. This could be something like ensuring your parcel is wrapped better which will have dual benefits.

For temperature sensitive items, then it is obviously dependant on the time of year and what you are actually sending. Common sense is often enough to make you mindful of this. If it is hot for example, why not use non dark colours for packaging as they do not absorb the heat so much? If the item is truly specialist then you may require something which gives greater protection, such as transportation in a temperature sensitive van.

In all circumstances we recommend that the address / destination label is weatherproof – this is one of the most important things. There are a number of different ways this can be done, but the last thing you need is water smudging the address, or a strong gust of wind blowing the label away. Your parcel might never reach its destination in these cases.

The benefit of using us at Rock Solid Deliveries is that whilst we always recommend you follow this guidance our service is designed in such a way that minimises the chances of these problems.

We pick up your items directly from you, and we hand them directly to your recipient. That means no leaving them outside exposed to the elements, so you can trust your parcel really will arrive how it was sent.

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