How Will Self-Driving Cars Affect The Courier Industry?

It can’t have escaped your notice that self-driving cars are becoming a big thing. Autonomous cars have been given their first test routes in London and, earlier this month, Bentley announced its first self-driving model – so even luxury car makers are getting in on the act. Surely it can’t be long before we see self-driving courier vehicles too, can it? Amazon even claims to have a delivery drone in the pipeline, promising we could soon receive our goods by air.

Technology is a wonderful thing. Rock Solid Deliveries has certainly benefited from technology over the years – where would we be without satnav, for example? – and we’re open to any new developments which would help us improve our service. But we still believe very strongly that there’s no substitute for the personal touch. In the stress of a delivery emergency, there’s something uniquely reassuring about being able to talk to a human being about what you need, and knowing for sure that your package is in good hands.

Autonomous vehicles are still a long way from becoming a regular feature on our streets; still further from being relevant to the courier industry. So they probably won’t be an issue for us for a good few years yet. And even if and when self-driving courier vehicles are an option, the best courier will still be a human being.

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