Large parcel sending made easy

Most of us send or receive some form of parcels on a regular basis. Generally, most of these are small in nature and can easily be done through the post office. When it comes to sending large items however, the process is a little different and can be more complicated. Fortunately, as experienced same day couriers, we at Rock Solid Deliveries can give you the best tips to ensure your large items are sent with ease. Read on to find out how.

1) Plan.

The first thing which is key is to make sure you plan for the event. Have in mind when you want or need the item to arrive and work backwards in a chain of events. E.g.

Item arrival date >

date to send >

date to finish packaging and preparing the parcel >

date to find a courier who can help.

If you work logically in this step, you will find that the whole process goes much more smoothly as organisation in these things is key. Avoid leaving things to the end or making last minute decisions. These can prove costly both literally and metaphorically!

2) Ensure your parcel is packaged as best as possible.

We have already mentioned it above, but it is worth spending some time explaining this as it is another vital point. When you are sending larger items, you require bigger boxes or packages. This can often mean that there is a greater space to fill inside, and if this is not done carefully you could increase your risk of damage to the goods. Make sure the item is soundly packaged and all spaces are filled, so the item remains in a sturdy position.

3) Shop around for a quote.

When it comes to sending larger items or parcels there can be a great range in the scope of charges applied – this seems to occur more with larger items than sending smaller ones or more regular packages. As with a loaf of bread, car insurance or anything else, see if you can find a good deal. We at Rock Solid Deliveries know how competitive the courier industry is, and this applies to those who offer large delivery services. We therefore offer a fair and reasonable price that respects our customers and accurately reflects our costs and time. Not all companies do this so beware! HOWEVER: …

4)… is price everything?

Just because you find a low price, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to get a great service to match. There is a lot of truth in the phrase “you pay for what you get.” That doesn’t mean people have to be ripped off and charged extortionately – infact, some do this and still can’t manage to deliver a good service! Not only is price important but also; customer reviews and feedback, years of operation or experience the business has, and whether the business has specific experience in dealing with large item sending. Rock Solid Deliveries can tick all these boxes which is probably why we are so popular.

5) Delivery factors.

When you are sending a large item, the quicker it arrives the better because there is less chance of damage occurring. When considering delivery factors, you may wish to think about the following:

* Can my item wait or is it important to be delivered ASAP, when a same day courier service would be more appropriate?

* Keep in mind that the longer items are hanging around in a transportation van, the greater potential for damage. At Rock Solid Deliveries we address this by making sure one driver is dedicated to one delivery at a time, and there will never be other customers items in with yours. We can also provide extra cushioning for fragile items during transportation, to reduce risk further.

* Will I know when the item is delivered safely? Some firms still do not do this, but we ensure that the customer knows when the item has been handed over – however big the parcel is. There is also point by point tracking along the way to give you maximum peace of mind.

Need to send even larger items or bigger consignments? Have a look at our freight page for further details.

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