The main things to ask BEFORE enlisting a courier

Imagine buying a new car or house. Would you just buy it without taking it for a test drive or viewing? Chances are you wouldn’t, so why should it be any different in business or for contracts of service?

Here at Rock Solid Deliveries we are experts in the courier industry, and as experts we know what sets aside the good from the bad. With many years experience in the industry and as same day couriers, we can confidently give you the best advice as to what you should be asking before agreeing anything.

If we asked the above question to a lot of people randomly, many would come up with cost as their first answer. Whilst cost is important, it is actually the tip of the iceberg, and many would agree that there is so much more to a good business than their price. Of course you don’t want to get ‘ripped off’ or get a price that seems ‘too good to be true,’ but cost should not be the only thing you base your consumer decision on.

Ask how the long the company has been in business for. Good wines mature with age, and good businesses learn to expand, adapt, and grow with time in the same way. That is not to say that start-up businesses or newly formed ones aren’t any good, but most people will agree that experience counts for a lot in whatever area of life it is.

Consider the guarantees on delivery. If someone can’t guarantee safe delivery in a courier capacity, then they do not understand the needs of customers within the industry very well. This screams either of inexperience or contempt for customers. Reliable and reputable companies will guarantee delivery and have a comprehensive insurance policy as back up for those ‘just incase’ times. In either circumstance you the customer are covered and know you have routes to exercise your rights if needed.

Ask what the communication is like with the customer? These days everything has precise tracking thanks to advances in science and technology. Courier companies should offer the ability to be able to track a client’s parcel at the flick of a finger. When the parcel arrives at the destination is the client informed, or is it left for the recipient to do it, (or worse still) left to chance? In the case of complaints or customer service issues what is the company’s policy on investigating, answering questions and seeking a resolution? Good companies have well thought out and followed procedures in place. Whilst you may not want to ask all these things directly, they are certainly factors which you need to keep in mind.

Find out the range of services offered. Some courier companies specialise whilst others undertake a range of service from freight to same day delivery. Consider whether their portfolio of service fits in with your requirements. The range of services is not just about the type of service but also the availability. For example, at Rock Solid Deliveries our services are in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we deliver to locations throughout the UK and into Europe. Consider you are looking for a freight service for example.  A domestic / consumer courier would be no good, so you need to ascertain whether the services meet your requirements. A ‘courier’ is a generic term and not all businesses offer exactly the same services.

Not all couriers are created equal. Some are professional, trustworthy and helpful. Others are not. Before you hire a courier, you should make sure you can trust them to take good care of your package and get it to its destination on time, for a fair price.

What courier service are you looking for? Rock Solid Deliveries cover a range including [event and exhibition] and [medical]. Visit our dedicated pages for more information or contact us to help.

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