Nothing But Respect

Ever get the feeling you’re not being taken seriously? From car mechanics who patronise you to insurance companies who keep you on hold for half an hour before answering your call, we all have to deal with people who just don’t respect us. Even same day courier companies can be rude, aloof and uncaring.

You deserve better than that. That’s why respect is one of Rock Solid Deliveries’ core values: ‘We will treat everyone with respect. We will show no favouritism or discrimination but will treat every individual we encounter with respect and dignity, whether staff, customers or members of the public.’

There are times when a same day delivery might be unavoidably costly, to us as well as to you – if your package is unusually bulky, requires specialist handling or needs to be delivered at the weekend, for example. But we promise not to inflate our prices just to line our own pockets. We will always offer you the lowest price possible.

We understand that, if you’re in a situation where you’ve had to call a same day courier, you may be under quite a bit of stress. So first of all, we will listen to you. We will be polite and approachable and will take your needs seriously. Above all else, we will do whatever it takes to help.

Call 0800 999 8220 today for an instant, no-obligation quote. You will get a same day courier who will treat you with the respect you deserve, is reasonably priced and won’t compromise on service.

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