One Wild Delivery

At Rock Solid Deliveries, we transport all sorts from here to there, but never in a million years did we think we’d be transporting a full-sized rhino! (Well, actually it was a life-sized costume!)  Last week, we worked with Paignton Zoo, one of the southwest’s most exciting visitor attractions. We arrived in just 45 minutes and were challenged with the task of delivering two 2m tall beasts to London, where the costumes are to be used to generate rhino conservation awareness.

Luckily for us, the costumes can be disassembled, to make our job a little easier. We securely loaded the big fellas into the van, horns and all, making sure that all the sharp edges were protected, so as to not cause any damage. It only took us three and a half hours in total from collection to delivery point. And our client was very happy with the condition of the rhinos, as they were delivered completely undamaged.

No rhinos were harmed in the making of this delivery!

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