How to safely transport white goods

‘White goods’ – we all have them, the name often given to those bulky electrical things (sometimes traditionally in white colour but increasingly not always,) that make up expensive purchases in our homes. Of course, we are talking about the likes of washing machines, dishwashers, fridges, freezers, microwaves…the list goes on. These appliances are designed to last – at least for a good while. There could become a time therefore when they need to be transported in some way and you are wondering what the best approach might be. Maybe you are moving house and want someone dedicated to transport them, or perhaps you are selling your model for something new and need to send it to your buyer? In our latest blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best tips and advice for sending white goods.

General advice

Firstly, you need to be clear of the size and weight of the items. Whatever you are sending – whether that be a simple letter in the post, to freight on pallets, the determining factor is always the size and the weight. The sending of white goods roughly falls in between these two extremes, but any white goods are classed as bulky items. Remember not only to just take account of the size and weight of the items, but the combined size and weight with the packaging too! This is a common mistake that people often forget. Most companies have a degree of flexibility on these factors, but that doesn’t mean you can be miles out!

Next you need to think about the type of vehicle used to transport the item, because that might affect the courier or company you use. If it’s a small microwave then this is generally going to be universally fine, but if it’s an American style exceptionally tall fridge/freezer, not all companies will have the capacity to cater for this, so you must check first.

Think about the required service. Are you not in a hurry for the goods to be delivered, or is something needed fast when a same day courier service might be the only thing that will do? Different services attract different prices, with more in demand services attracting higher ones.

General packaging advice

Whatever the white goods you are sending, make sure it is free from any objects including solids, liquids, drinks or food (it doesn’t always happen!) It is an idea to ensure any lose parts associated with the goods (e.g. the plug) are adequately bound to the unit. Make sure that the packaging and transportation box / container is suitable enough to accommodate.

Tips on sending washing machines / dishwashers

* Make sure everything is disconnected and units are completely drained of water and detergent.

* Clean the insides to avoid any stagnant smells or unpleasant odours.

* Don’t forget to retract the adjustable feet to stop them getting damaged.

* For dishwashers: remember there are moving draws inside where the items rest when being washed. Ensure these are secured.

* Take care when moving as these are among some of the heaviest white goods items that exist.

Tips on sending fridges / freezers

* Fridges and particularly freezers need time to defrost and dry out before being moved. Take this into account.

* Fridges and freezers have many shelves and moving parts which need properly securing to avoid damage during transportation.

* Fridges and freezers are odd / awkward sizes, meaning they can be difficult to grip and handle. They can often have sharp corners or edges which can cause injury. Take extra care when handling these goods.

* Fridges and freezers are often less durable to knocks and bumps than dishwashers and washing machines, so consider using blankets, bubble wrap, or other protective material.

If you are transporting an oven or microwave, remember that some ovens are gas fed, and this will need to be disconnected first by a professional. Microwaves have a glass plate inside which needs to be protected to avoid it shattering.

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