What are event and exhibition couriers?

Rock Solid Deliveries are event and exhibition couriers amongst their range of delivery services. Perhaps one of the lesser-known associations with couriers, you may be wondering what actually event and exhibition couriers do and why they are needed? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this courier service.

If you have a show, conference or event to attend to, chances are you require some form of accessories, materials or equipment to be moved to the event and taken away after. This is what an event and exhibition courier does. Think of venues like London’s Excel or the NEC in Birmingham. These buildings have multiple halls that (in normal times) can cater for many different groups of people, with shows or conferences of different sizes and scales occurring at the same time. If you are a company that has a ‘stand’ or ‘pitch’ at one of these events, this is when event and exhibition couriers can come in useful, because they will simply sort transportation arrangements out for you. This leaves you with one less thing to do, allowing you to spend more time on your presentation or sales speech, attracting those vital customers or contracts.

What can event and exhibition couriers help with?

Transporting your merchandise is the obvious one, but this role extends much further than that.

* Couriers can help with loading and unloading your goods at the event or exhibition facility. This can save some vital time both before an exhibition and after, when you need to get cleared away quickly.

* Ensuring your items arrive on-time and waiting for return after the event has finished. Taking hassle and stress out of anyone’s day is a vital business goal. Good couriers will always be on or ahead of schedule, and can be relied upon for these critical and important arrangements.

* Taking great care of your goods to ensure they are not damaged and in perfect condition on arrival for the event. On the return journey, event and exhibition couriers know how important your merchandise is for your next event, and will handle goods with the same high level of skill and care.

What types of situations are covered?

Rock Solid Deliveries have had much experience in dealing with events and exhibitions nationwide. The types of situations we have encountered include:

* Large scale events which have been months in planning.

* Short notice events, where the customer has needed an event and exhibition courier quickly to ensure their show can still go ahead.

* Services involving same day delivery where travel is needed through the day or night.

* Quick events, where drop-off and pick-up is required within a few hours due to a smaller show or event.

We, along with any other experienced event and exhibition couriers, know that as your event draws near, things can get very hectic and there are often a lot of last-minute details to sort out. Rock Solid Deliveries understand that you need someone reliable, professional and who can be involved with the planning, to make sure the event is deliverable. This is why we are the perfect choice.

Many of our event and exhibition clients comment on how well we understand the system, and they often learn or pick up valuable insight which they can take forward to their next show to make it run even better.

We mentioned London’s Excel or Birmingham’s NEC earlier. While on our website, why not take a look at our London or Birmingham pages, to find out the type of services we offer in these local areas.

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