What are fine art couriers?

Here at Rock Solid Deliveries we have experience at dealing with a wealth of deliveries and courier items. We are particular experts in dealing with fragile items or ones which are sensitive and bespoke. Clicking the link will show further details of this. Within that range of fragile items, the scope covers many areas, including fine art deliveries. In our latest blog post we’ll take a closer at when you may need a fine art courier and what it involves.

Pieces of art and general fine art works can be amongst some of the most valuable items that a person may own or desire to possess. If these need to be transported in any way, then it is vitally important that they are being sent with someone you trust and who can guarantee a first-class service. Rock Solid Deliveries have substantial experience and are best placed to honour these requirements.

The following are general circumstances when either a fine art courier service might be useful, or when we have been approached in the past to provide this service:

* Use by large art organisations that require transportation services.

* Use by individual or group artists which are looking for a way to get artwork and pieces delivered to events like galleries or exhibitions.

* A bespoke fine art / collectables service, which covers valuable items.

* Same day courier transportation of art works or goods.

Some specific tips for art transportation.

Rock Solid Deliveries will take complete care of your parcel and packages. We treat ALL items and jobs with skill and precision, but this is especially the case in terms of fragile, delicate, or valuable items like fine art. We know how much these types of items cost and we regard it as a privilege you entrust us with them!

The below lists give some extra points you may like to consider in transportation of these goods:

1) Ensure you check your item completely and take photographs as evidence of their condition. We guarantee that your fine art will arrive in the condition it is sent, but we recommend this for extra piece of mind.

2) Paintings and artwork can be easily subject to marks, cracks and discolouration. Whilst in our van, we will take the very best care, but we advise that these kinds of situations are mitigated against before sending.

3) Fine art doesn’t just cover traditional artwork and paintings, but the scope can be expanded to include pottery, sculptures or textile pieces. These will need their own specific care when packaging and handling. We are ALWAYS aware of what we are carrying (in your own dedicated van) so we can adapt our care and skill to suit.

Remember at Rock Solid Deliveries, no job is too small, so whether you are looking to transport a single art piece somewhere local, or an entire collection further afield, our dedicated team can ensure you get quick and fast delivery in the most careful way.

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