What challenges can same day couriers face?

Same day courier services are always ones which are popular and in demand. Due to the increased pressure and demand of these services, challenges can be greater than those associated with normal ‘relaxed’ services. This article will take a closer look at some of the issues that same day couriers face when carrying out their work.

Staffing issues

Anyone who runs a business knows how difficult it can be to get staff at the best of times. Whilst the courier industry has a peak and quieter season, there is a general lack of staff in the industry as a whole. Same day courier services are demanding, and this is not something that every courier could operate or do. Finding the right staff to offer this service can often be a huge headache. The long hours and hefty amount of driving involved mean that it takes finding the right person.

Technology issues

Not all courier companies have access to or can afford up to date technologies to ensure their business can be as productive as possible. Larger scale organisations that run same day delivery services tend to use dispatching software which can help same day delivery services run smoothly. Without this, it can be difficult, because introducing manual elements to this process can always leave the door open to mistakes or important things which have been missed.

Cost effectiveness

This is perhaps one of the biggest problems where same day courier services are concerned. Many same day couriers offer a dedicated service, meaning your parcel will not be mixed or delivered with anyone else. As these services often involve travelling a distance, fuel and employee wages need to be taken into account. This must be balanced against the need of charging the customer. Charge too little, and it is not cost effective from a business point of view (especially as the business can not benefit from other parcels being delivered at the same time.) Charge too much and the customer simply will not pay it.

Delivery issues

Even if the same day courier does everything perfect in terms of transporting the parcel from A to B, there is no guarantee the recipient will be there to have the parcel handed to them. This then can create a world of problems: What happens to the parcel next? Whose responsibility is it? How does this affect the customer? What extra charges will be levied?

The risk is that the customer can be left frustrated, and a sense of lack of fulfilment being experienced, even if the courier has done nothing wrong.

Offering same day courier services are good for the customer because they have a degree of control and quickness associated with their delivery. As this article shows however, this doesn’t mean that the service isn’t without its problems.

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