What Do Same Day Couriers Deliver?

Rock Solid Deliveries are a specialist parcel delivery and same day courier company. We often get asked about the scope of our deliveries with customers wanting to know what we actually can and can’t deliver. Generally speaking, we can deliver anything, and have delivered some of the most strangest and unique items thinkable in our decades of operation. There will always be something we haven’t delivered before, but even then, we are open to challenges and always on the look out to expand our customer base and range of technical operations.

One of the best things about being in the courier industry is that every day is a new day. We never know where our customers will ask us to go or what they’ll ask us to deliver. And we’ve had some real adventures, delivering everything from cakes to computers, from sculpture to sound equipment. Did we mention that time we delivered a life-size model of a rhino? Or when we handled a course of medication for a couple’s IVF treatment?

For now, we can probably help you determine some of the most common things we deliver and those areas where we have a wide range of experience. As you will see, this is more than just your everyday parcel!

Fragile goods are an expert area of ours and we take time and skill in ensuring that your delicate items are dealt with in a gentle way. This includes making sure it is loaded safely, and transported without the risk of damage. We will take your instructions on the specifics of handling these fragile goods, so you can be confident they will be treated with care.

We are also experts at dealing with technical equipment. This is a wide area, and goes to prove the range of experience we have. Our previous clients have included transportation of technical goods in the medical, entertainment (e.g. theatre equipment,) and marketing / exhibition fields. We understand that technical equipment needs to be handled in a precise way ensuring it is delivered timely for when needed.

We don’t just deliver parcels, but we deliver documents too. Sometimes the ordinary postal system is just too slow or you may feel you want and need a more targeted and personalised service. We deliver important legal documents, human resource items and medical files to name a few. Our same day courier service can be especially useful for situations like these.

Passports might sound like a strange one, but it is actually a common project area of ours. You would be surprised at the amount of people that set off to the airport only to find they have forgotten their passport when they are about to check in. When you are in need, we are here!

Like most courier companies we have experience in freight services. Our flexible transportation methods mean we can cater for all range of items including bulky or very large consignments.

Remedying courier let down. Sadly, not all same day couriers are created equal. We’ve all heard horror stories of deliveries gone wrong and Rock Solid Deliveries can step in when another courier misses the mark.

The truth of it is, there’s not a lot our same day couriers can deliver. As we can draw on a fleet of over 2,500 vehicles, we’re equipped to handle more or less anything. Whether you want us to deliver technical equipment, heavy freight or even medical goods, we have the right vehicle to meet your requirements. We’ll get it there, safely and on time. What’s more, we have a nationwide network of drivers. So wherever you are, we can get a same day courier to you within an hour of your call. And when we call ourselves ‘same day’ couriers, we mean it: we’ll deliver your goods to their destination on the same day we collect them.

When you book a same day courier through Rock Solid Deliveries, you’re hiring someone who can meet your delivery needs, whatever’s in the box and wherever it has to go. If you’re not convinced, call us today to discuss what you need and get a no-obligation quote. Call us today on 0800 999 8220 and tell us what you need delivered.

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