Your courier CV of requirements

As a consumer or business looking to engage with another business, we view this similar to a job interview. You are the ‘employer’ who probably has a list of ‘candidates’ in mind and eventually will choose one for the job. As the ‘potential employee’ we need to do our best to convince you that choosing us specifically is the best decision. One of the ways this is done in the job market world is through showcasing an employee’s CV of achievements and experience. In keeping with that theme in this blog post, we will look at the “CV of an excellent courier delivery company” and try to persuade you that we are right for you

The price of the service

Let’s face it, cost is important to business and consumers alike. Rock Solid Deliveries provide excellent value for the courier service they provide. Our dedicated and enthusiastic working style is provided at no extra cost! We believe that a business should be transparent, and all costs should be presented upfront. Whatever price we quote you, there will never be an extras added, unless the job changes in a specific way. We can guarantee this, and our customers love our easy and direct approach to costs.

Rock Solid Deliveries CV: Achieved.

Are the goods insured?

A fair price is one thing, but it is no good if it not backed up with comprehensive insurance, just incase the unexpected happens. Insurance not only guards against problems but it also provides complete peace of mind for customer and courier. Our insurance value is set to over £10,000 so you can relax knowing all will be well.

Rock Solid Deliveries CV: Achieved.

The ability to trace the items

Modern technology calls for modern courier delivery methods. A good courier service should be able to fully track items at every stage of the journey along with providing a final report once it has reached its destination. Feeling nervous about the journey of your item en-route? Just give us a ring and we can trace and provide an update for you. At Rock Solid Deliveries, this all comes as standard!

Rock Solid Deliveries CV: Achieved.

The business hours of operation

Not everyone works 9 till 5. Often those that do work 9 till 5 need the ‘behind the scenes’ activities to be carried out outside of those times – this would include sending deliveries or operation of courier services. Rock Solid Deliveries are available 24 hours a day and are just a phone call away. We feel that our “anytime availability” sets us apart from a lot of competitors as we are still able to provide a dedicated service at an affordable price.

Rock Solid Deliveries CV: Achieved.

A sound team

In further mention of that ‘dedicated service’ we believe that no company (let alone a courier company) would exist without the skill, enthusiasm, and team spirit that some of the best companies provide. A picture paints a thousand words, and you really can see that our drivers and team members are passionate about their roles and wanting to serve their customers based on the work they do for us daily.

Rock Solid Deliveries CV: Achieved.

With five out of five on the CV what more could you ask for? Why not contact us today to talk about your courier or delivery project? We can even operate a rapid service if you require a same day courier. With all our experience, we are confident you too will soon be giving us an A*!

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