Category: Courier Industry

The importantance of postcodes to couriers

We call them postcodes in the UK, they call them Zipcodes in the US, whatever they are known as, they are a set of information associated with an address which is often taken for granted. Postcodes are so important for deliveries, whether that be letters that your daily postman/women brings, or couriers who bring parcels. […]

Health issue considerations for couriers

Couriers are on the road for long periods of time each day. Some travel distances to deliver their parcels and packages. Even those that don’t travel miles but just stay locally, the mileage and amount of time spent driving can still mount up. This puts couriers at greater risk of health problems, and the need […]

A guide to film and production couriers

If you are familiar with our company, you will know that we cater for a range of services beyond the traditional courier offering that many delivery companies work in. In our latest article we will take a closer look at one of these bespoke services we offer, and what exactly is involved in carrying it […]