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Our Approach To Coronavirus

Here at Rock Solid Deliveries the health, wellbeing and safety of our customers and staff is our first priority. Our drivers are following the guidance and protocols from Public Health England. As a Same Day Courier delivery service, our drivers aim to deliver to you straight away and will always adhere to government guidelines. This […]

5 Reasons To Trust Us

We’re delighted that so many people rely on us to deliver their goods. It’s been brilliant to have the chance to deliver so many different items, all over the UK and beyond. We’re really glad that people seem to trust us. You can trust us, too. Here’s why: Because we care: We genuinely care about […]

How To Prepare Fragile Goods For A Courier

All deliveries matter. But deliveries which involve fragile goods are particularly important – you’ll want to be sure that your goods will arrive not just quickly but also undamaged. At Rock Solid Deliveries, we have 25 years’ experience of handling fragile items, so we’re confident we can look after yours too. But there are a […]

5 People Rock Solid Deliveries Can Help

Who needs a same day courier? A lot of people, actually. In fact, it’s just possible you might need us one day. And these five people should definitely call us: Small business owner: With all the challenges of keeping a small business going, you don’t need the headache of organising delivery logistics too. So let […]